March 2013

Vicuña fibre is known as the finest
of any animal wool. 

The Vicuña camelid is wild and roams in the highlands of the Andes Mountains. 
The animal has a long history of being highly sought after due to it’s extraordinary fibre. 
During the time of the Incas, Vicuña’s fibre were gathered by means of communal efforts called Chaccu, in which multitudes of people herded hundreds of thousands of Vicuña into strategically laid funnel traps. The animals were sheared and then released; this ceremony was only done once every four years. 
Now, The Inoue Brothers have the opportunity to introduce this incredible tradition and ceremony to the world, due to their commitment towards the production of their very own Vicuña line.
With attention to detail in the design and made by the people of the material’s origin is their simple formula. Therefore, the oneness of natural material and the people’s heritage of working with that material, combined with their detailed design is their vision of New Luxury.

February 2013

Spring & Summer 2013 - Tohoku Collection
For our forthcoming Spring & Summer collection we are continuing to work with the region of Tohoku, which experienced the devastation of the Tsunami created by the country’s most powerful earthquake since records began over 100 years ago.
This limited T-shirt only collection is an expression of efforts to commission work for operational textile co-operatives of factories and workshops whose commissioned contracts has been withdrawn due to production risks.
For this project we have collaborated with friends who share our ideals.

– Outlaws London (UK) – 
Outlaws London is an underground art duo using illustrations by it’s co-founder Richard Windsor. 

– Bow Wow + Hiroshi Fujiwara (UK/JP) – 
This season we are excited to work together with graphics and conceptual designer Mai Ikuzawa.
Mai Ikuzawa is the daughter of Japan’s most famous racing driver Tetsu Ikuzawa. 
This season Mai has been creatively commissioned to create Hiroshi Fujiwara’s own Tea Drinking Club’s tour T’s, which we are proud to launch together with her.

November 2012

The Inoue Brothers and Monocle have combined forces to develop a relaxed-fit cardigan. The half Milano knit technique lends the jacket a thick, quality feel, while the design has been inspired by Japanese pattern-cutting. It has been designed specifically for keeping the chill off in flight.

Available in all Monocle stores worldwide and Monocle on-line shop.


October 2012

For this season’s collection we are excited to introduce our finest fibres to date. It is our privilege to showcase our very own Supreme Royal Alpaca, developed in collaboration with the Andean facility Pacomarca. 
The Supreme Royal is the finest alpaca fibre in the world and we have been honoured with the responsibility of naming it and have the exclusive rights to this new revolutionary grade of yarn.
We are also launching our Vicuña line, which is known as the finest animal fibre in the world. 

The collection will be available at:
Isetan & Mitsukoshi - JP
International Gallery Beams - JP
Dover Street Market - UK
Monocle Store - UK+CH+US+JP
Edition - JP / 290 Sqm - NL
Kink - JP / Trés Bien Shop - SE
Rail - IT / Happy Shop - GE
Storm - DK / Pesko - CH / Tiurf - JP 

Photography: Isa Jacob and Xander Ferreira

September 2012

The Vicuña

Vicuña fibre is known as the finest of any animal wool. The vicuña is wild and roams in the highlands of the Andes Mountains. Because of the extraordinary circumstances of its existence, the vicuña fibre remains the most exclusive of wool fibres both in quality and amounts available. At the same time, it is finer than any other wool in the world, measuring less than 12 micrometers in diameter, making the hand-feel incontestable.

Through our direct relation to the communities protecting the vicuña, we have the honour to introduce the “Gold of the Andes” to our collection from this season. Because our vicuña fibre is hand sorted by specialist women, who are as rare as the fibre it self, our Black Label is the finest wool collection in the World.