The Inoue Brothers... was founded in 2004 by two Japanese brothers, Satoru and Kiyoshi Inoue - born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is a social design and art studio based on a common love for two cultures, Japanese sensibility and Scandinavian simplicity. They call it Scandinasian design.

The brand has been developed through uncompromising ideals yet total openness of perspective, which has enabled the brand to establish strong bonds with various indigenous and heritage, culture and craft rich communities.

With every project, the aim is to create awareness of responsible production methods through quality and design.

Office Europe:
The Inoue Brothers...
26 Brooklyn Street
Company VAT no.: GB169976139

Office Japan:
The Inoue Brothers... Japan
3-12-18 Oimazatominami
Higashinari-ku, Osaka-shi
Osaka, 537-0013
Tel/fax: +81 (0)6 4307 4775

Our Tatreez Project celebrates Palestinian culture with work from women embroiderers from Dheisheh and Arroub refugee camps, Ramallah and Hebron in occupied Palestine. The practice of Tatreez Embroidery originated in Palestine over 3000 years ago. The unique motifs of embroidery signifies Palestinian heritage and identity, for women in particular.

Our 100% organic pima cotton project celebrates natural indigenous Peruvian pima cotton. No fertiliser or pesticide is used to grow the cotton for this project. The result of this symbiotically produced material is beautiful shine, soft hand feel, and strong durability.

This project is formed through partnerships with small businesses and crafts people in the region of Tohoku, which in March 2011 experienced the devastating tsunami created by the country’s most powerful earthquake to date. For this project we have collaborated with friends who share our ideals.

Our alpaca project was the beginning of our journey in working out how to realise a supply of truly unique quality of products without any exploitation throughout the supply chain. It is our case study into everything our mission and vision has been built on.

The Vicuña Project is our most luxurious collection. The Vicuña fibre is the finest animal fibre in the world and can only be obtained through ancient Incan ceremonial shearing, known as the "Chaccu".