Organic Cotton Scarf

Body: 100% Organic Pima cotton
Country and region: Japan

The Pima cotton material chosen for our scarf collection is a woven sateen fabric, which gives the hand feel and texture a silky and shiny appearance. The edges are cross-stitched so as not to spoil the elegance of the fabric. Cotton's natural ability to absorb and keep the skin dry, makes our cotton scarf perfect for the hot summer months.

A work by Shizuoka-based artist TAKERU IWAZAKI.
Artist based in Shizuoka, Japan. Takeru first picked up his pen inspired by street culture and experimental, abstract hip-hop. Heavily influenced by natural phenomena such as the flow of water and the appearance of trees, "flow" has become one of his core themes. Concentrating the energy emitted by things in nature into graceful lines, he creates an immersive experience for the viewer. His drawings are characterized by dense yet expansive lines, mostly black, that resonate throughout as if as if in a live music session. The work used for this scarf was drawn with a ballpoint pen.