Tatreez Project


Our Tatreez Project celebrates Palestinian culture with work from women embroiderers from Dheisheh and Arroub refugee camps, Ramallah and Hebron in occupied Palestine.

  • Country and region

    Dheisheh and Arroub refugee camps, Ramallah and Hebron in occupied Palestine.

  • Product

    Traditional Palestinian Tatreez embroidery.

  • Craft

    Authentic craftsmanship by Palestinian female embroiderers.

  • Mission

    Empowerment of women in occupied Palestine.

Palestinian heritage and craftsmanship

We first travelled to occupied Palestine back in May 2012. Since then we have developed relationships with Palestinian crafts communities exclusively run by women.

Finally, almost after a decade of collaboration and planning, “Tatreez Project” was launched in January 2022.

The practice of Tatreez Embroidery originated in Palestine over 3000 years ago. The unique motifs of embroidery signifies Palestinian heritage and identity, for women in particular.

For this project we teamed up with the fashion brand Adish.


Launched in 2018, ADISH is an Palestinian-Israeli-owned brand pairing contemporary silhouettes with traditional Palestinian craft techniques.

Adish means ‘apathetic’ in Hebrew. They have chosen this brand name because the majority of Israelis harbour apathy towards the occupation and the oppression of the Palestinian people — and to emphasise that there is no neutral position on the illegal occupation of Palestine. They work with traditional living crafts in Palestine and elsewhere to counter the systematic erasure of the Palestinian cultural heritage by the Israelis.

All of ADISH’s collections are made locally in Occupied Palestine and Israel, and the designs centers around traditional techniques of the region. Their collection features hand embroidered Tatreez from over sixty Palestinian craftswomen produced in Ramallah, Dheisheh refugee camp and Hebron. Each garment is labeled with the location it was embroidered and the name of the women’s embroidery group that produced the Tatreez.

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